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All our products are suitable to be used with septic systems when used under normal conditions, that is, they shouldn’t be disposed of undiluted into a septic system as large amounts of any detergent could cause damage to your system.

We would love to say yes but unfortunately it’s possible for anyone to have a reaction to any of the ingredients in our products.  A common misconception is that because an ingredient is plant derived it makes it hypoallergenic; as we know many people have reactions to grass, pollens etc which are totally natural.  Our formulas are very mild and don’t contain harsh ingredients so are unlikely to cause irritations, but please let us know if you do suffer any reaction when using our products.

Natures Organics is accredited Choose Cruelty Free which means that none of our products or their ingredients have been tested on animals and none contain any animal ingredients.

Lately there has been media attention in regards to personal care products which are exported to China.  These products are required to be tested on animals before they are allowed to be sold in this market.  We have chosen not to export these products to China until this requirement is abolished.


We include preservatives in our products to avoid bacterial and fungal contamination. The growth of these microbes may lead to spoilage of the product but more importantly may expose the user to potential infections, especially those with compromised immune systems. The preservatives we use are included in the smallest amounts possible and we only use preservatives that have been assessed and accepted by European authorities. We regularly review our preservatives in use to ensure any new information that becomes available is taken into account and that we are using the most appropriate preservatives for our products. Until such a time as 100% plant derived technology becomes available, provides an effective result and is affordable, we have no choice but to continue to use these synthetic preservatives.  Many scientists believe that although there is a risk of allergic reactions from some of these types of ingredients, the risk to skin and eyes from using a contaminated product is considered to be even greater.

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