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Is Australian Pure still available?

Unfortunately in November 2021 the big two supermarkets have stopped ordering Australian Pure Products. We regret to inform you that this whole range was deleted and will no longer be manufactured or offered for sale from major supermarkets and other retail distribution outlets in Australia or New Zealand. This includes the face wash, face scrub, moisturiser, and Sorbolene.

Are your products septic safe?

When diluted for normal use, nearly all of our products are suitable for septic tanks including OC Naturals, My Soda, Natural State, Earth Choice, Cove, UNDO This Mess, Fruits & Purity, as all the ingredients are readily biodegradable.

The only exception is for Earth Choice Antibacterial all-purpose Spray as we cannot guarantee this will not affect the bacteria the septic tank need to work properly, even when diluted. The ingredients and SDS for our products are listed on our each product page, which provides more information. 

What fragrances do you use in your products?

It is necessary to add a small amount of fragrance to our products as the base odour would be offensive to most people.  The fragrances used in our products are blends of natural and synthetic oils, as there can often be a higher amount of allergic reaction to naturally derived oils than from synthetically derived.  Synthetic ingredients have been chemically engineered to remove the allergens and the amount of fragrance used in our products is a low as 0.012%. 

What are your dish tablets wrapped in?

Our Earth Choice and Undo this mess Dish Tablets are not wrapped in plastic, they are wrapped in Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA). PVA fully dissolves in the water in the dishwasher and is then fully biodegradable.

How do I recycle my empty refills?

Sadly the REDcycle program we partnered with has stopped operations. We are currently seeking alternative solutions for community soft plastics recycling which we will share as soon as possible. In the meantime, please visit which allows you to search for specialised recycling services for soft plastics within your local council. 

Continuing to purchase our pouches helps to reduce plastic waste by 80%


Where can I find Natures Organics products?

Most of our products are available through Coles, Woolworths and Independent supermarkets (such as IGA, Ritchies, Foodland) - although not necessarily in all stores.

If not on the shelf in your local Coles or Woolworths store, you would need to phone their respective customer service lines to locate any nearby stores which stock the product/s.  Coles - 1800 061 562, Woolworths - 1300 767 969.

If not on the shelf in your local IGA, it is worth asking the store manager if they can order in for you form their central warehouse. We find that most IGA stores are able to do this and are happy to help their customers.

Can I buy direct from you?

Unfortunately we do not have the facility to sell direct to the public – even for bulk or wholesale orders. Because we are a manufacturer and distribute through the major retail chains, we only sell into their State distribution centres by the pallet for each product with a very large minimum per order plus ongoing terms.

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