• Australian Made & Owned

  • Plant Based Ingredients

  • Made with Recycled and 100% Recyclable Plastic

  • Vegan & Cruelty Free

Treat yourself to a range of refreshing and nourishing body washes

Pamper yourself with the refreshing and nourishing range of Natures Organics Spa body wash.

Using plant-based ingredients, these products will nourish and cleanse your skin, leaving you feeling relaxed and restored. The Spa range is cruelty free and vegan and packaged in recycled and recyclable plastic.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you test on animals or use animal derived products?

We love and respect our furry friends and never test on animals or use animal derived ingredients - not now, not ever. Our partners and suppliers must also comply with our strict standards. All of our products are vegan-friendly and ‘choose cruelty free’ accredited. 

Why is sodium benzoate an ingredient in some of your products?

Sodium Benzoate is a preservative that stops bacteria and mould growing in products.  There is no need to be concerned about this ingredient as you will find many cosmetics contain this and is approved for use in rinse off and leave on cosmetics.

Do you use ammonia in any of your products?

At Natures Organics we do not use ammonia in any of our products.

Are your products grey water safe?

Low sodium levels and undetectable phosphates in our products make it grey water safe. Our products are biodegradable, and do not contain any ingredients that are toxic to plants.

How much recycled plastic is in your product packaging?

We are committed to minimising the amount of virgin plastic used in packaging as much as possible. The amount of recycled plastic used in our packaging  can vary from 30% to 100% depending on the type of product. Whilst we are able to use 100% recycled plastic in our clear PET bottles, some of our HDPE bottles can only handle 30% recycled plastic before the structural integrity of the bottle is compromised. 

Are your bottles recyclable?

Yes, all of our bottles are 100% recyclable. Please follow the recycling instructions on the back of pack.

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