Treat yourself to a range of refreshing and nourishing body washes from our SPA range.

About Spa

Pamper yourself with the refreshing and nourishing range of Natures Organics Spa body washes.

Using plant-based ingredients, these products will nourish and cleanse your skin, leaving you feeling relaxed and restored. The Spa range is CCF accredited, and packaged in recycled and recyclable PET plastic.

Did you know?

Recycled packaging

At every opportunity, Natures Organics has maintained its commitment to producing products using recycled materials.

Currently, we use a yearly average of 1583 tonnes of recycled PET plastic and 202 tonnes of HDPE plastic to produce bottles used in our product range. All of our bottles are recyclable after use, which creates an ‘endless bottle’ possibility.

We also use 95% recycled materials to produce the cardboard packaging for our dishwasher tablets and laundry powder.