Why Having a Plant Obsession is Actually Good for You (and Your Home)

Why Having a Plant Obsession is Actually Good for You (and Your Home)

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Whether you’re a passionate Fiddle Leaf Fig parent, or more of a low maintenance Cactus kind of person, there is no denying the physical and mental benefits of being surrounded by plants.

From improving our mood to helping fight dust. The list of why a plant obsession is worth your energy is pretty endless.

To share all of the facts, we have collaborated with the expert green thumbs, The Good Plant Co. A pretty awesome Australian brand that delivers room- ready plants straight to your door.

Better Mood

You know when you were feeling kind of flat as a kid and your Mum would always say ‘go outside!’ well she was onto something. When we’re surrounded by nature, we see improvements with our wellbeing and mood. One theory says it all comes down to our DNA having a connection to nature and living things. Which makes sense right!?

Since we now spend about 90% of our time indoors. Indoor plants are a great way to bring nature to you. Indoor plants have been shown to provide similar benefits to taking some time outside and connecting with nature.

This still isn’t a substitute for the real deal though. Make sure you get outside every day and soak up that Sun.

The best mood boosting plants are:

Happy Plant

Monstera Deliciosa

Peace Lily

More Productive

If you are a boss or a business owner- listen up! Investing in adding some greenery to your office can actually improve productivity by 10 -15%.

We all love coming to a workspace that feels welcoming and plants are a great way to turn a boring office space into a creative and fun work environment. A study in the US also showed that 10% of sick days can be attributed to lack of nature and natural light in the office.

Who knew that plants could be this beneficial!?

The plants to get more out of your workday are:

Bamboo Parlor Palm

Spider Plant

Devil’s Ivy

Improves Air Quality

You know that feeling when a room gets all stuffy and your brain goes fuzzy? That’s when there’s too much carbon dioxide and not enough oxygen around you. Plants are nature’s air purifiers. They literally suck up all the carbon dioxide and release 100% pure oxygen instead. And while we are busy going about our day, our plants are doing this 24/7.

Without us really knowing, our homes can be filled with harsh, toxic chemicals. They can come from our furniture, the products we use (not Cove, obviously) and even our technology.  When we surround ourselves with plants, they take all these toxins out of the air too, improving the quality of the air.

Did we mention they are also dust busters!? Large leafy plants attract dust in the room, so they don’t build up on our furniture

Is there anything they can’t do?

The best air purifying plants are:

Philodendron Birkin

Baby Rubber Plant

Sansevieria Hahnii