The Cove Team's Top Cleaning Tips

The Cove Team's Top Cleaning Tips

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If there is one thing our team love, it's cleaning! We know, we are weird. But when you live and breathe cleaning products, it's hard not to get a little obsessed. We thought that given our love for all things housework, we would share our teams' top tips to clean smarter, not harder. And have fun when doing it. 

Annabel- Assistant Brand Manager

"I always make sure I listen to music when I am cleaning. A good playlist can make cleaning way more fun and time goes so much faster. I live with housemates so turning up the music also encourages us all to get involved and clean together. 

My top cleaning songs are always Dolly Parton (9-5), Jackson 5 (ABC) and of course, a bit of Aretha Franklin (RESPECT).

Andrew- Head Chemist

"I always use lemon to help give things a little extra clean. Cleaning my microwave with hot water, lemon and then wiping down with the Cove Surface Cleaner always does the trick. You can do the same thing in the kitchen sink.

Andy- Senior Creative Designer

"With three young kids, dirty finger prints get everywhere! I always make sure I have a Cove Surface Cleaner nearby so I can quickly clean off dirty marks from our walls, doors and floors before they set in. Doing it as it happens helps save us from a much bigger job of cleaning all of the walls and doors down the track."

Jane- Production Manager

"I always tackle things room by room. That way if I get distracted, at least half of my house is clean!

I will clean all parts of one room so it's done. I have a great little cleaning caddy that has all my Cove bottles together so I just take this with me."

Paula- Digital Marketing Specialist

"I have a dog who drools A LOT! So whenever I tackle our glass doors, I always clean off the marks with hot soapy water first then finish off with our Cove Glass Cleaner. This guarantees the cleanest, streak free glass doors. For about 5 minutes until he makes a mess again."

Dani- Customer Service Manager

"I use my dishwasher to help clean. Things like scrubbing brushes, sponges, toothbrush holders etc. All of those items that are tricky to clean with a cloth. I put them in my dishwasher and add a Cove Dishwasher Tablet. Putting them on a high temperature wash helps clean any germs and makes them look brand new."

Brent- Marketing Manager

"Cleaning the shower isn't my favourite chore but to keep it looking sparkling between cleans, I quickly wipe the shower screen with the Cove Glass Cleaner and the microfibre cloth. It takes 1 miniute and the shower looks brand new!"


What are your cleaning tips? Comment and share your recommendations with us!