Silky Smooth Shampoo 400mL

OC Naturals

Silky Smooth Shampoo 400mL

With Lotus Extract & Organic Moringa Oil


Control frizz and nourish your hair!

OC Naturals Silky Smooth Shampoo will help tame the frizziest of hair.

The plant-based ingredients, including lotus extract and certified organic moringa oil, provide gentle nourishment that helps tame frizz-prone hair, leaving it silky smooth.

Available in Coles and selected Independent Supermarkets from April 2021.


Australian Made & Owned Grey Water Safe Natural Clean No Nasties Not tested on animals (CCF accredited) Paraben free Recyclable Bottle Recycled Bottle Sourced from Plants Vegan

About OC Naturals

OC Naturals environmentally friendly personal care products are made from high performing plant-derived ingredients in recycled and recyclable eco-friendly packaging. Pure and simple, OC Naturals is as kind to your body as it is to the planet.

OC Naturals. Simply good.

Did you know?

Choose Cruelty Free

Natures Organics never tests on animals or uses animal ingredients, and we are adamant that our suppliers also meet these strict standards.

We are a proud member of Choose Cruelty Free – an independent, not-for-profit organisation that actively promotes a cruelty-free lifestyle.

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