Green Tea & Lime Dishwash Concentrate 500ml

Earth Choice

Green Tea & Lime Dishwash Concentrate 500ml

Tough on grease, gentle on the environment


Harness the power of nature to clean your dishes

Our Green Tea & Lime Ultra Concentrate smells great and cleans your dishes. And it’s made locally using recycled plastic and plant derived ingredients too. So it’s a win for your home and a win for our environment!


Australian Made & Owned Grey Water Safe Natural Clean Not tested on animals (CCF accredited) Recycled Bottle Sourced from Plants Vegan

About Earth Choice

With Earth Choice, you can clean your home using products that don’t cost the earth. All products perform powerfully without the use of harsh chemicals.

Using plant-based ingredients, Earth Choice products are grey water and septic safe, CCF accredited, use 100% recycled and recyclable plastic in the packaging.

Did you know?

Solar Panel installation

Natures Organics has invested almost $3 million in a roof-mounted solar system to source sustainable energy and reduce our impact on the environment. These panels will reduce our carbon emissions by around 1000 tonnes each year.

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