Dish Tablets


Dish Tablets

These dish tablets are eco-friendly and actually work!

45 tablets

With our patented stream tab technology, expect powerful grease cutting action designed to cut through baked on food and tough stains.

With built in rinse aid your dishes will be left sparkling clean every time.

Best of all, they come in a stylish aluminum canister that you can reuse again and again.

This is what sustainable cleaning is all about.

Exclusively available online for a limited time at


Australian Made & Owned Grey Water Safe Not tested on animals (CCF accredited) Sourced from Plants Vegan

Our story about Cove

Our goal is to inspire a generation of reuse.

Our Cove brand is a new innovative cleaning system designed to reduce waste.

With reusable aluminium bottles and recyclable refill pouches, Cove cuts down single use plastic by 75%.

Refill & reuse with Cove.

Follow our story at

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