Melbourne, Australia

Leading producer of natural household cleaning and personal care products Natures Organics has invested almost $3million in a 1299kW roof mounted solar system spanning 17,000sqm to source sustainable energy and reduce the business’ impact on the environment.

The system, designed and installed by Sun Connect, sees over 5,000 panels positioned on top of the Cornhill Street manufacturing building, producing around 1800MWh each year. The panels will reduce Natures Organics’ CO2 emissions by approximately 750 tonnes per annum.

Justin Dowel, Managing Director at Natures Organics, is committed to leading a company that ignites change within the industry and is seen as a pioneer and leader in the eco space.

“We started this project in 2015 so are thrilled to have the system up and running and are delighted to be recognised as the largest privately owned solar power generator in Australia.”

“We are passionate about reducing our impact on the planet and as a team are driven to find innovative ways to do this. We are proud to be leaders and early adaptors in our industry of solar panel technology and hope that other businesses will follow suit,” Dowel adds.

The vast scale of the project meant that great skill and expertise was required to meet the Distribution Network Service Providers requirements and ensure the project was connected to the grid.

Mark Tuke, Managing Director at Sun Connect, led the project for Natures Organics, “I applaud Natures Organics commitment to clean and renewable energy. We are pleased to be working with a truly sustainable company to deliver a large-scale solar solution. The size of project meant there were nuances in meeting certain requirements, but we adapted quickly to achieve a fantastic result for our client.”

In addition to the solar system, the team are also working towards creating chargeable batteries that will store excess solar power to fuel the 24/7 operation as part of the business’ vision to create a sustainable future.

The initial solar system demonstrates Natures Organics’ serious commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and will be followed by further solar projects.


For more information or to arrange an interview with Justin Dowel, please contact:

Natures Organics
p. 03 9759 0300



About Natures Organics

Natures Organics is an Australian made and owned business with over 50 years’ experience in producing naturally based environmental household cleaning and personal care products for Australians. With a range of over 130 products, including Organic Care, Earth Choice, Fruits and more, Natures Organics is dedicated to producing environmentally responsible products of the best quality, at the lowest possible price. With a passion for sourcing the most natural, plant derived products possible, Natures Organics continues to strive to create sustainable product alternatives and solutions to encourage Australian’s to be more environmentally aware.


About Sun Connect

Sun Connect are an Australia wide installer of large scale renewable energy generators for the commercial/industrial sector. Having an experienced team of engineers and technical staff, Sun Connect are able to achieve a renewable solution specific to a large energy users requirements. Utilising leading edge technologies including Vanadium Redox Flow Batteries and various large scale solar pv generators, Sun Connect can effectively supply a turn key power source for almost all applications and provide a reliable, cheap and clean source of onsite generation.

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